sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry

Digital Health

ICT, particularly data analysis, is growing increasingly indispensable in virtually all sectors, providing insights on performance and outcomes that were previously impossible. Using data analysis in healthcare will deliver insights into where value lies and where resources will deliver the greatest impact.

COCIR members see these areas as the key to the future of healthcare, which is why they form the core of our Vision.


The pivotal role of digital technology

Digital technology offers the key to achieving value-based healthcare. It can provide insights that will improve all aspects of healthcare. Not only outcomes, but also how healthcare is delivered, managed and how it informs policy.

Indeed, health is an increasingly data-rich environment, with the quantity of health data available increasing exponentially; this ranges from day-to-day care, through clinical trials to the growing popularity of wearable devices. Analysing this information will provide greater insights into what really works – the fundamentals of value-based healthcare. All of this will contribute to better-targeted, more efficient care pathways. Healthcare needs to embrace the potential offered by ICT to extract value in areas such as big data, population screening and studies capturing real-world outcomes

What is Digital Health?

Digital Health provides tools for health authorities and professionals, including how patients and health service providers interact, how health service providers transmit data between each other or peer-to-peer communications between patients and/or health professionals. It can also encompass Electronic Health Records (EHRs), telemedicine services and personal wearable devices, including implantable devices such as pacemakers, diagnostics for blood glucose monitoring or lifestyle health and fitness monitors.

What does Digital Health offer?

It offers immense opportunities for both efficiencies and improvements. On a management level, by connecting the various aspects of healthcare provision it can reduce wasted time and resources, improve record keeping and patient management. On a clinical level, clinicians can make better-informed, evidence-based decisions for their patients.

What are the barriers to the uptake and how do we overcome them?

There are a number of technical barriers, such as system interoperability and compatibility of data sources. However, there is a need to agree on issues such as data protection and data privacy.

What is COCIR’s role in delivering Digital Health?

COCIR is taking the lead in building a coherent vision for using digital health to benefit all. Member companies have the technology and expertise to inform discussions on advancing all aspects of digital health.

Ultimately, digital health will bring greater insights and clarity, helping all stakeholders to provide a better standard of care for Europe’s citizens.