sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry

Position Papers

30.09.2014 ‘Better Healthcare For Europe’: COCIR Releases its Recommendations - The best time for action is now!

On 30 September 2014  COCIR released its recommendations for the EU institutions on how to improve healthcare in Europe, promoting the importance of the medical technology sector in driving efficiency and productivity of...[more]


Industry associations from around the world representing a multitude of sectors urge the next G20 Trade Ministers meeting gathering in Sydney, Australia on July 19 2014 to build on previous G20 commitments to avoid protectionism...[more]

02.07.2014 COCIR contribution to the Green Paper on mobile Health public consultation

COCIR is the European leading industry voice in the fields of eHealth, mHealth and medical software.Our Members develop, manufacture and supply innovative and essential medical technologies and health ICT solutions in Europe and...[more]

03.04.2014 Joint Industry Position Paper on Economic Operators

COCIR issued, together with our partner associations – Eucomed, Edma, Eurom VI and Euromcontact – a joint industry position paper on the obligations for economic operators, under the scope of the current Medical Device Regulation...[more]

03.04.2014 COCIR High Level Contribution To the Proposal for Medical Device Regulation

Since at least 2008, COCIR has been closely monitoring and contributing to the evolution of the new EU Medical Devices Regulation - MDR.  Based on the outcome of the European Parliament’s 22 October 2013 plenary vote, and...[more]

10.03.2014 Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection Joint Statement ‘supporting citizens’ interests in the benefits of data driven healthcare in a secure environment’

Representing leading actors in the healthcare sector in Europe, The Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection proposes five key recommendations on the General Data Protection Regulation to facilitate healthcare and health research...[more]

07.03.2014 COCIR’s support of the ESR’s Eurosafe Imaging Campaign

Innovative technologies for optimizing radiation dose to patients COCIR’s four Es: Endorse, Explain, Enhance, EducateInnovative technologies are crucial elements in improving clinical outcome. Amongst other technologies, X-ray,...[more]

07.03.2014 COCIR Contribution to the General Data Protection Regulation and European Parliament LIBE report

COCIR calls for a single, clear and workable data protection framework that protects privacy and encourages medical innovation. Read the Position Paper under Related Documents.[more]

21.06.2013 Leveraging the use of Cohesion Policy funding for health in Poland

The future of healthcare in Poland is uncertain. The country is facing a double challenge: tackle existing and growing health inequalities and foster innovation to convert healthcare into a competitive advantage and enhance the...[more]

24.04.2013 Contribution synthétique du COCIR à la proposition de réglementation Européenne relative aux dispositifs médicaux, 7 janvier 2013 - version FR

Le COCIR représente les industries européennes du diagnostic et de l'imagerie médicale, de l'électronique médicale et de l'informatique au service des soins de santé. Ce secteur de la technologie médicale a une longue histoire de...[more]

16.04.2013 COCIR High Level Contribution to the EC proposal for Medical Devices Regulation, 7 January 2013 _GERMAN version

Wichtige COCIR-Kommentare1 zum Vorschlag der Europäischen Kommission über eine Verordnung für Medizinprodukte READ THE POSITION PAPER HERE.[more]

08.03.2013 COCIR Contribution to the European Parliament discussions on the Medical Devices regulation

COCIR represents the European Medical Diagnostic and Imaging, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry. This is a sector of medical technology with a long history of innovative development and manufacture in Europe. Our Industry...[more]

01.03.2013 Medical Technology Industry Joint Contribution to the public consultation of the technical guidance under the Basel convention

COCIR, the European Coordination Committee of Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry, EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, JIRA, the Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries...[more]

29.01.2013 Joint Statement of the Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection

Representing leading actors of the healthcare sector in Europe, the Healthcare Coalition for Data Protection would like to share their thoughts on the Commission’s proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation. The...[more]

25.01.2013 COCIR contribution to MHRA public consultation on Medical Device regulation

COCIR would like to thank MHRA for having initiated this public consultation on such an important matter which will certainly have an impact on all European Citizens and the stakeholders involved in the healthcare domain. We...[more]

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