sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry


18.04.2013 APRIL 2013 COCIR eHealth Market Intelligence Center

COCIR is the leading industry association for eHealth in Europe, established since 1959. COCIR is the unique industry association at the European level which includes industries from key sectors such as medical imaging, Health...[more]

18.04.2013 APRIL 2013 eHealth : an integral part of COCIR

COCIR is the only European trade association bringing together the traditional healthcare industry together with the Telecommunication and IT industries. COCIR and its members promote the use of advanced medical and ICT...[more]

18.03.2013 MARCH 2013 COCIR REPORT Fostering Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Systems in Europe

COCIR* has launched its report ‘Fostering Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Systems in Europe’ at a workshop yesterday in Brussels co-organised by COCIR and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE). The report...[more]

05.05.2012 MAY 2012 - COCIR eHealth Toolkit 2012

This new edition of the COCIR eHealth Toolkit concentrating on the benefits of cloud computing and interoperability and sharing intelligence on the eHealth market. Download here the COCIR eHealth Toolkit 2012 [more]

03.05.2012 MAY 2012 - COCIR Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a reference tool for all COCIR members and could be used by non COCIR members. Download here the COCIR Code of Conduct   [more]

13.01.2012 JANUARY 2012 - COCIR Market Intelligence Update - Hospitals Use and Investment Plans Towards 2015 for Health ICTs

In 2011, COCIR launched the COCIR Market Intelligence Overview, which was published for the first time in the COCIR “eHealth Toolkit”.  It provided figures on the 2008 health ICTs (information and communication...[more]

01.05.2011 MAY 2011 - COCIR Telemedicine Toolkit - Supporting Effective Deployment of Telehealth and Mobile Health

This updated version of the Telemedicine Toolkit has been expanded with new evidence on the benefits of telehealth for patients and highlights the potential of mHealth to improve the management of chronic diseases. Download...[more]

01.05.2011 MAY 2011 - COCIR eHealth Toolkit - For An Accelerated Deployment and Better Use of eHealth

The new eHealth Toolkit ‘For an accelerated deployment and better use of eHealth in Europe’ aims to provide clarity to policymakers and other stakeholders in the eHealth arena. This Toolkit sets out recommendations on how to...[more]

02.01.2011 JANUARY 2011 - COCIR Response to Public Consultation on AHAIP

Download here COCIR Response to Public Consultation on AHAIP[more]

01.06.2010 JUNE 2010 - The European Files on Telemedicine

Download here this issue of the European Files on the Telemedecine Challenge in Europe[more]

01.03.2010 MARCH 2010 - COCIR Telemedicine Toolkit

The Toolkit contains a Position Paper, a Glossary of Terms and a database of referenced studies on the effectiveness of telemedicine solutions.All of these tools respond to a need identified by COCIR members to clarify the...[more]

01.02.2010 FEBRUARY 2010 - COCIR Glossary of Terms for Telemedicine

Download here the COCIR Glossary of Terms for Telemedicine[more]

01.02.2010 FEBRUARY 2010 - COCIR Database of Referenced Studies

Download here the COCIR Database of Referenced Studies[more]

01.10.2009 OCTOBER 2009 - COCIR GRP Guidelines Version 2

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA), a division of NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) USA and the Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems (JIRA) have endorsed these best practices...[more]

01.07.2009 JULY 2009 - COCIR Age Profile 2009

COCIR urges healthcare stakeholders to put greater emphasis on a sustainable age profile of CT, MRI, PET-Nuclear Medicine and Angiography medical diagnostic imaging equipment. This study shows that a significant part of the age...[more]

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