sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
sustainable competence in advancing healthcare
European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry

Digital Health

ICT, particularly data analysis, is growing increasingly indispensable in virtually all sectors, providing insights on performance and outcomes that were previously impossible. Using data analysis in healthcare will deliver insights into where value lies and where resources will deliver the greatest impact.

COCIR members see these areas as the key to the future of healthcare, which is why they form the core of our Vision.

COCIR members develop innovative Digital Health solutions that have the potential to increase access to healthcare, improve the quality and safety of healthcare products and services while driving cost efficiency. COCIR is focusing on ways to accelerate the deployment of Digital Health solutions at national and European levels.

COCIR Champions the Opens external link in new windowBlueprint to innovate health and care in Europe.

COCIR is happy to share its Initiates file downloadDigital Health Roadmap (May 2017) as a contribution to the Blueprint. This paper offers a high-level overview of a potential technical roadmap for supporting a shift to integrated care.


Digital Health activities

COCIR is the  EU leading industry voice on Digital Health. COCIR and its members develop a number of activities to reduce market fragmentation and accelerate the deployment of Digital Health in Europe.

These activities are managed by the COCIR Digital Health Committee which oversees all Digital Health related activities and working groups. This committee is composed of key experts from COCIR corporate companies as well as National Trade Associations having built specific competencies on Digital Health in their countries.

As Blueprint Champion and partner of the Opens external link in new windowEIP on AHA, COCIR is committed to working with other organisations to advance integrated and patient-centric care models, building multi-stakeholder partnerships for advancing integrated and patient-centric care models.

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COCIR members develop solutions that support the safe and seamless transfer of medical data through the healthcare cycle.  However data collection, data sharing and data processing may be limited by data protection rules.

COCIR supports a harmonised, effective, clear and reliable data protection framework. To this end COCIR established a Data Protection Task Force in 2010 in the context of the revision of the Data Protection Directive (Directive95/46/EC). COCIR is also an active member of the Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection.

In December 2017, COCIR published the new paper Opens external link in new windowBeyond The Hype Of Blockchain In Healthcare

Read here Opens external link in new windowCOCIR Position Paper on the General Data Protection Regulation
Read here the Opens external link in new windowHealthcare Coalition on Data Protection Joint Statement




The lack of interoperability is one of the major barriers to the deployment of Digital Health. COCIR established in 2011 a dedicated Task Force to develop concrete industry recommendations on interoperability. This resulted in a Initiates file downloadCOCIR position paper on interoperability and a technical document  addressed to local project leaders on Initiates file downloadhow to implement interoperable eHealth solutions in six steps. 

COCIR is developing efforts to build awareness on the benefits of interoperability at national, regional and local levels and how to achieve it through the use of existing and recognised standards and profiles.

In June 2016, COCIR published the new paper Initiates file downloadWhy Interoperability is Critical to Support Integrated Care in Europe?

In May 2017, COCIR - Opens external link in new windowIHE - Opens external link in new windowPCHAlliance published the joint paper Initiates file downloadWe Are All In This Together: Advancing eHealth Interoperability

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mHealth, also called mobile health, is a new way of delivering healthcare through mobile platforms.
COCIR established a dedicated mHealth Task Force in 2012 to explore this emerging field, with the mission to demystify mHealth, clarify regulatory aspects, and address privacy concerns.

In June 2016, COCIR published the new paper Initiates file downloadRealising the Potential of mHealth: Where Do We Stand?

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Cloud Computing has the potential to modernise healthcare delivery, increase efficiency and reduce costs by pooling IT resources. COCIR established in 2012 a dedicated Task Force to raise awareness on the role that cloud computing can play in healthcare and to address regulatory and privacy concerns. This resulted in the Initiates file downloadposition paper ‘Advancing healthcare delivery with Cloud Computing’ published in May 2012

In June 2016, COCIR published the new paper Initiates file downloadLeveraging Cloud Computing For Healthcare.

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The COCIR eHealth Toolkit

The first edition of the COCIR eHealth Toolkit, published in Opens external link in new window2011 , set the scene by defining Digital Health and developing ten recommendations for a better and faster deployment of Digital Health.

The following edition issued in Opens external link in new window2012 covered important aspects of Digital Health such as interoperability, cloud computing and market development and barriers.

The Opens external link in new window2013 edition addressed digital hospitals, mobile health, and legal and regulatory trends pertained to medical software and data protection.

The Opens external link in new window2014 eHealth Toolkit focused on how leveraging modern data-driven approaches can improve healthcare quality in a cost-effective manner. The 4th edition highlighted Big Data’s societal value and the contribution of Digital Health to personalised medicine. At the same time, a special section of this toolkit concentrated on Vendor Neutral Archiving, presenting innovative trends and solutions that can help healthcare providers share and access medical images and other patient related documents in a seamless way across departments, providers and networks.

The Opens external link in new window2015 eHealth Toolkit focuses on Integrated Care and on how ICT technologies and procurement possibilities can facilitate it.

Two dedicated sections of this toolkit concentrate on Managed Services and Cloud Computing, and on how public authorities, decision makers and users can capture the value of supporting IT concepts which will help make Integrated Care a reality.
Another section focuses on innovations in public procurement that make it easier to acquire solutions that change healthcare processes and are hence more adapted to acquiring Digital Health solutions enabling Integrated Care. As in these solutions interoperability is more important than ever an additional section is included and provides updates in this domain.



The COCIR Telemedicine Focus Group was created in 2009, with the mission to raise awareness on telemedicine, foster confidence and accelerate the integration of telemedicine in clinical practice.
COCIR published the COCIR Telemedicine Toolkit in 2010, and a second edition in 2011 . The Toolkit includes:

  • Industry’s recommendations for the deployment of telemedicine
  • Database of referenced studies on economic and clinical outcomes of telemedicine
  • Patient testimonials
  • Glossary of terms

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In Europe the healthcare market is fragmented. COCIR collects statistics on the Digital Health market to develop a better understanding of the market size, trends and evolution in the coming years.
COCIR shares this intelligence with EU decision makers to feed public policies.
This market intelligence also supports business decisions for our members.

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EPR Activities

The EPR – or electronic patient records – is at the core of Digital Health systems, centralising patient data and connecting all parts of the healthcare systems together.
COCIR established an EMR Task Force in 2013 to support the deployment and use of EMRS in Europe. To achieve this, COCIR gathers intelligence on the availability, use and level of investment for EMRs and related clinical information systems  in European Hospitals and healthcare providers.



Digital Health, mHealth and telemedicine are emerging fields, with different interpretations and misunderstandings. COCIR developed in 2010 a glossary of terms to define Digital Health applications.  Those glossaries of terms are constantly enriched and updated on a regular basis.

Read Opens external link in new windowhere the Glossary of terms.